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Due to the company's safety and hygiene regulations, the return of opened products is not allowed. For your benefit, read the product specifications carefully before making your purchase.

You can return the product as many times as you want but the reasons for the return will be taken into consideration and the company will take the actions to approve the return.

The conditions of the product must be the same as it was sent, you can pack it in different packaging but the conditions of the product must be in good condition as it was sent.

You have a period of 12 hours to cancel your reservation, you have a 10% administrative expense surcharge for the return of your money, you have up to 15 days to return the money, all depending on the banking institutions and the time. take for their transactions.

If you have a 10% administrative cost for the return, you have a 15-day return period. Shipping fees are the responsibility of the buyer. We give you different shipping options.

You need to have a receipt, the returns must be registered under the buyer's name so that you can access the money back or credit for that customer.

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